The emcee with horse sense for
dances, karaoke, trivia, parties,
and unique interactive game shows in the
Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Dance Parties

Ed Arnold has over 40 years of dee jay and entertainment experience. His specialty is presenting dance music from the 1940's through the 1980's; music of the baby-boomer era. From slow dancing to Sinatra to the boogie beats of Disco, Ed also plays your favorites from the genres of funk, R & B, country, rock and roll, boogie woogie, and great standards.

Karaoke Hosting

As a singing entertainer himself, Ed has experience with hosting great Karaoke. Singers can select from over 100,000 professionally-produced tracks. Adults really enjoy singing along to great music from the baby-boomer era to today.

Trivia and Game Show Hosting

Ed creates his own trivia and game show formats that people love. Whether for individuals or teams, Ed uses well-researched facts and fun visual and audio formats for groups of any size.

Who is DJ Mister Ed?

Even before Ed Arnold started on his radio broadcasting career in 1977, he was disc jockeying at high school dance parties and sock hops, and hosting and performing in public talent shows. Today, he's still behind the microphone, using the latest technology and light show to produce great fun at any occasion.

Radio/TV Broadcaster

Ed spent more than a decade as a radio disc jockey and as a state-wide news anchor and political reporter.

As morning drive disc jockey at WRGT-FM, Ed and his colleagues brought a unique blend of 50's, 60's and 70's music to the Knoxville, Tennessee market in the late 1980's.

Years earlier, Ed anchored hourly radio newscasts and occasional state capital reports on the 65-station Kentucky Radio Network.

Trivia and Game Show Host

Having spent time in front of the television camera and interviewing newsworthy subjects, Ed is comfortable hosting events on stage and in interaction with contestants and audiences.

For those who play, there's nothing more satisfying than to pull the right answer out of the air in a fascinating game of trivia.

Ed has also developed unique audio/video game shows that have been proven at after-dinner entertainment events.

Dance Party Dee Jay

Even as a college student, Ed Arnold disc-jockeyed numerous dance parties, presented music at roller skating rinks, and hosted music presentations for shows and concerts. Ed has been hosting music events for over 40 years.

Karaoke Master

Groups have asked Ed to host Karaoke as a fun addition to annual dinner meetings. Ed learned to host Karaoke from one of Cincinnati's most-revered Karaoke hosts, Tony Rossini. He can even video record each performance for an historic archive DVD disc.

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